“I’m Hot” Pelajari Sifat Bahasa Inggris yang Sering Digunakan


Adjective atau kata sifat sering digunakan dalam bahasa Inggris. Biasanya untuk memberikan kesan tertentu pada kalimat. Sehingga ungkapan atau kalimat yang disusun pun menjadi lebih menarik.

Berikut ini daftar kata sifat bahasa Inggris yang sering dipakai. Let’s check it out!

  1. Different = berbeda
    Contoh: It’s really different.
  2. Used = bekas
    Contoh: Our used car is being sold.
  3. Important = penting
    Contoh: My task is very important.
  4. Available = tersedia
    Contoh: That book is available.
  5. Large = besar
    Contoh: This building is large.
  6. Every = setiap
    Contoh: He is late every day.
  7. Popular = terkenal
    Contoh: That movie is very popular
  8. Able = Bisa
    Contoh: I’m able to come with you.
  9. Entire = seluruh
    Contoh: He spent their entire budget on food.
  10. Traditional = tradisional
    Contoh: They want a traditional wedding.
  11. Medical = medis
    Contoh: He is a medical doctor.
  12. Healthy = sehat
    Contoh: He looks healthy.
  13. Political = politik
    Contoh: She is a political candidate.
  14. Old = tua
    Contoh: This building is really old.
  15. Emotional = emosional
    Contoh: She is emotional after reading the book.
  16. Additional = tambahan
    Contoh: The smartphone has additional features.
  17. Cared = takut
    Contoh: Are you scared of the dark?
  18. Useful = berguna
    Contoh: This information is very useful.
  19. Hot = panas
    Contoh: It’s a little hot today.
  20. Historical = sejarah
    Contoh: He likes to watch historical movie.
  21. United = bersatu
    Contoh: They stayed united with each other.
  22. Several = beberapa
    Contoh: He has several houses.
  23. Difficult = Sulit
    Contoh: The problem is difficult.
  24. Various = beberapa
    Contoh: People come from various backgrounds.
  25. Known = terkenal
    Contoh: She is a known actress.
  26. Basic = dasar
    Contoh: Spekaing is a basic requirement for the job.
  27. Strong = kuat
    Contoh: He is extremely strong.
  28. Rare = langka
    Contoh: She has a collection of rare jewels.
  29. Huge = besar
    Contoh: This palace is really huge.
  30. Serious = serius
    Contoh: The situation has become serious for everyone.
  31. Impossible = mustahil
    Contoh: It’s impossible for me.
  32. Wonderful = indah
    Contoh: It’s a wonderful life.
  33. Nice = bagus
    Contoh: She seems nice.
  34. Helpful = membantu
    Contoh: Your advice proved helpful.
  35. Cute = Lucu
    Contoh: They are a cute couple.
  36. Responsible = bertanggung jawab
    Contoh: He is becoming a responsible man.
  37. Happy = senang
    Contoh: Can I make you happy?
  38. Poor = miskin
    Contoh: There are a lot of poor people in this country.
  39. Interesting = menarik
    Contoh: The movie is interesting.
  40. Intelligent = cerdas
    Contoh: She is very intelligent.
  41. Expensive = mahal
    Contoh: Traveling is increasingly expensive.
  42. Successful = sukses
    Contoh: His plan was successful.
  43. Typical = khas
    Contoh: That is very typical of him.
  44. Severe = berat
    Contoh: His injury looks severe.
  45. Hungry = lapar
    Contoh: She feels hungry.
  46. Powerful = kuat
    Contoh: She looks powerful.
  47. Efficient = efisien
    Contoh: This company is very efficient.
  48. Dangerous = berbahaya
    Contoh: The situation is dangerous.
  49. Accurate = akurat
    Contoh: His prediction seemed accurate.
  50. Suitable = cocok
    Contoh: The dress is perfectly suitable for you.
  51. Famous = terkenal
    Contoh: He is a famous actor.
  52. Pure = murni
    Contoh: The pendant is pure gold.


Demikianlah contoh-contoh kata sifat (adjectives) yang sering dipakai dalam bahasa Inggris. Gunakan kata-kata di atas dalam percakapan setiap hari. Kamu juga bisa memvariasikannya sesuai situasi dan kebutuhan.

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